Seasonal School - Remote Workshop Emotive Branding

Seasonal School - Remote Workshop Emotive Branding

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Especially in these times, we find it important to bring people together to achieve positive change and we're inviting you to join us

Together, we will dive into the basics of Emotive Branding and explore how to attract and connect meaningfully. In this half-day workshop, we will share our expertise and help you apply it to your practice. Person by person. Brand by brand.

This situation is challenging us all to do things a little different than usual. Therefore we cleared the agenda to give you an additional 30-minute consult the day after the training. Use this time to ask questions, reflect on the training or if you just want to talk.

This is for brand creatives, ceo's, cowboys, marketeers, students, communication specialists, coaches, hr professionals, werewolves, clowns, maestros, divas and everyone else interested in the basics of emotive branding. 

23plusone Seasonal School
Remote Training
1pm - 5 pm
€ 123 ex. VAT.
Additional 30-minute consult